Flexibility is the key to designing a recreational environment - accommodating both traditional and nontraditional families, and also an entire community of several generations and types of users.  From family aquatic centers, youth activity and play areas, landscaped picnic areas, and concessions to full sun and shade areas, there are a number of interactive features and design trends to captivate, entertain and provide multi-use services to all ages. Technology is a big focus during the design phase of a project - the youth of today has relied on technology their whole lives, and it has literally transformed the way we form communities.

We understand how designing with creativity and thoughtful attention to the multi-functional ability of a space can help you do more with your budget while meeting the needs and desires of your staff, visitors, and the community at large.

Colleges and universities make up a large portion of our Recreation portfolio. Attracting students with a vibrant state-of-the-art recreation and fitness facility not only promotes physical and mental well-being for their students, but also healthy social engagement. By balancing design with functionality and flexibility, and security with services and amenities, we can create an attractive and high-functioning facility to promote a healthy campus environment for your students.


  • Recreation Facilities
  • Aquatic Centers
  • Outdoor / Indoor Swimming Pools (plunge pools, tube slides, lazy rivers, etc.)
  • Indoor Swimming Pools
  • Wellness Centers
  • Fitness Centers
  • Sports Centers
  • Student Centers
  • Youth Activity and Play Areas / Playgrounds
  • Parks / Pavilions / Picnic Areas / Concessions

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