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About Our Healthcare Studio

Our healthcare studio specializes in Acute Care Design, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Freestanding Emergency Rooms, Cancer Centers as well as Medical Office Buildings. 

The role of the built environment expands beyond the functional needs of the facility - the workers, patients, and families interact as part of the healthcare process and this impacts how we design a space for their needs. With a long history in the healthcare industry dating back to 1994, we are well versed in our field.  We are engrossed in the ongoing evolution of the healthcare delivery process as well as patient expectations.

 We value a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and thoroughly collaborative process. A high degree of communication and respect among team members is required as we balance the needs of program, design, budget, schedule, constructability and sustainability. As we bring together the many disciplines required to create a healthcare setting with all the modern innovations of today and tomorrow, we look to each of them to bring clear communication, transparency, and respect to the table along with the latest thinking in their field.

Driven by our mutual desire to provide a bright and healthy future for all, we are dedicated to providing the greatest experience for everyone involved - all while providing solutions that use our client’s capital responsibly. In an atmosphere of respect and security, we aim to achieve a design that brings you and your community a sense of pride, ownership, comfort, and affirms to the workers, patients, and families they will be well cared for.